Growth Marketing Workshop to Unlock Sustainable Service-Driven Business Growth

Unleash the untapped potential of your service-driven business with our transformative 2-day immersive workshop. This program will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape, unlocking sustainable growth and success for service-driven businesses.

You will embark on a transformative journey by acquiring the sustainable marketing framework to outperform your competitors before learning how to set up a website for the rest of the activities in this workshop. You will leverage robust conversion tracking capabilities to drive data-driven marketing activities, and be empowered with essential SEO techniques to enhance your website’s search engine ranking. Moreover, you will learn to drive customer acquisition using online ads and effective lead generation techniques, without solely relying on ads.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Beyond the customer acquisition activities, you’ll delve into the techniques and tools to maximize the lifetime value of your acquired customers. By the end of this worksop, you will be equipped with the skills to stay competitive in the digital era, drive business growth, and pave the way for lasting success in your service-driven business.

100% HRDC Levy Claimable

2 Days

On-site Workshop

Who Is This Workshop For?

Marketing & Sales Professionals

This comprehensive program equips marketing and sales professionals in service-driven businesses with essential online marketing skills. Through immersive learning experiences, participants will gain knowledge and skills in proven strategies for lead generation, conversion optimization, and customer retention, enabling them to drive sustainable business growth.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Business owners and entrepreneurs in service-driven industries will gain the tools and knowledge to establish a strong online presence, attract a larger customer base, and achieve sustainable growth. They will learn website optimization, paid & organic lead generation, and customer retention strategies to enhance their brand visibility and drive business success.

Aspiring Career Switchers

For those looking to enter service-driven industries or transition into new career paths, this training program offers essential digital marketing skills. Aspiring career switchers will learn website setup, SEO techniques, online advertising, and customer retention strategies, positioning themselves as valuable assets to potential employers or clients in service-driven businesses.

Workshop Objectives

  • Discover the evolution of marketing funnel, growth marketing metrics & the tools to gain competitors' insights online.
  • Set up a website, covering domain subscription, web hosting, website building, and email setup.
  • Understand web analytics, online marketing funnels, set up conversion tracking, and explore sample reports for unified online marketing insights.
  • Learn SEO fundamentals, conduct website audits, implement on-page optimization, and gain insights from SEO case studies for effective online brand building.
  • Demystify online advertising, set up conversion-driven Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, and learn effective lead generation tools & techniques without relying on ads
  • Utilize WhatsApp marketing to optimize reviews, improve customer retention, with the aim of maximizing the lifetime value of acquired customers.

What To Anticipate From This Workshop?

Day 1
A Practical Guide To Sustainable Marketing Framework
  • The evolution of the marketing funnel from the traditional marketing funnel to the growth marketing funnel
  • Differentiate growth hacking from growth marketing
  • Growth marketing metrics
  • Discover powerful tools for gaining insights into your competitors' websites and social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter & Linkedin)
Setting Up a Website
  • Learn how to subscribe a website domain (at only $1 yearly subscription)
  • Learn how to set up web hosting (money-back guarantee)
  • Learn how to connect your domain to the web hosting
  • Learn how to custom build your new website
  • Learn how to set up an email address using your website domain
Establish A Single-Source-Of-Truth For Online Marketing
  • Explore the global trends in web analytics
  • Identify the online customer acquisition funnel for a service-driven business
  • Learn how to set up conversion tracking via web analytics tools for the created website
  • Explore online marketing single-source-of-truth sample reports for service-driven businesses
Day 2
SEO Techniques & Skills For Online Brand Building
  • Understand why website search engine optimization is necessary for online brand building
  • Introduction to domain authority and learn how to check it
  • Examine other factors that affect website rankings in Google search organic results
  • Learn how to conduct a website SEO audit for the website created
  • Learn how to implement on-page optimization for the website created
  • Learn how to set up a search console for the website created
  • Dive into a compelling case study showcasing a website that achieved top 5 rankings for popular keywords in multiple countries
  • Examine how local businesses earn authority to gain high positions on Google search organic results
  • Explore a compelling SEO case study showcasing a local business that achieved top 3 positions in Google's local search ranking for popular keywords
Conversion-Driven Online Advertising & Lead Generation
  • Demystify online advertising
  • Review the online customer acquisition funnel for service-driven businesses
  • Set up a conversion-driven Google Ads account and campaign for the website created
  • Set up a conversion-driven Facebook Ads account and campaign for the website created
  • Learn to efficiently mine and gather contacts from your desired target market
  • Learn to implement Whatsapp lead prospecting without relying on ads
Techniques & Tools To Maximize Your Acquired Customers Lifetime Value
  • Learn how to optimize reviews from acquired customers via WhatsApp marketing
  • Learn how to optimize retention for the acquired customers via WhatsApp marketing