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Skye Lee

Skye Lee is a seasoned online marketing professional with a strong focus on growth marketing. She graduated from Jit Sin High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University Science Of Malaysia. Skye’s journey into the world of digitalization began during her internship at Malaysiakini in 2008, where she discovered the potential of web 2.0 and digital media. This experience ignited her passion for leveraging digital platforms for marketing purposes.

Over the course of her career spanning more than 12 years, Skye has focused on specializing in online marketing. She has held diverse roles in digital project management, digital marketing, advertising operations, and programmatic advertising. Skye’s extensive hands-on experience has allowed her to develop valuable skills, leading to employment opportunities with renowned organizations in the SEA region, including, PropertyGuru, Axiata Digital Advertising,,, and Astro Malaysia, taking on instrumental roles in driving online marketing endeavours.

In 2023, Skye founded Growth Marketing Asia, offering growth marketing services, consultancy, and training. She developed the Growth Marketing Bootcamp, a comprehensive program to equip individuals with growth marketing strategies and skills. The bootcamp has received positive feedback during a preview session in National Training Week, and is now officially launched as a HRD Corp claimable course.

Career Timeline

Digital Sales & SEO,
Assistant Vice President
March 2022 - December 2022
Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad
Astro logo

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (est. 1996) is the leading content & consumer company in TV, OTT, radio, digital & commerce in Malaysia. Entrusted with the company's ambition to accelerate subscribers growth via digital channels, Skye undertook cross functional role to collaborate with multiple departments across the organisation, which comprises finance, customer lifecycle management, product marketing, digital product management, data engineering, data analytics, leads validation team & appointed marketing agency.

Marketing Lead
August 2020 - March 2022
Commerce DotAsia Ventures

Commerce DotAsia is an all-in-one eCommerce ecosystem that managed end-to-end service for retail businesses. Skye built performance marketing capability and construct analytics framework for the company's eCommerce clientele across multi-channel eCommerce revenue acquisition in MY, TH & VN market. The analytics framework helped internal & external stakeholders informed with marketing cost efficiency and optimization strategies. As a result, the overall return on advertising spend between Q2 21'& Q4 21' improved 1400% for total of 14 retail brands.

Digital Marketing Lead
(Remote Contractor)
October 2018 - June 2020
Fittripping Inc.
Fittripper Inc.

FitTripper is an online marketplace that offer non-subscription gym passes across 7 countries in SEA & LATAM. The startup is head-quartered in New York City with full remote team members from 6 countries, Skye was hired since the juncture of beta launch as a digital marketing lead contractor, and despite the remote working condition she had managed to set up solid foundation of digital marketing and analytics capabilities, that is beneficial for the startup's sustainable growth.

Product & Client Solution,
Senior Specialist
December 2017 - September 2018
Axiata Digital Advertising
Axiata Digtal Advertising

Axiata Digital Advertising was a new venture under the subsidiary of Axiata Group, Skye was hired as one of the pioneers to set up product and client solutions for the startup’s data driven advertising offering. On top of that she had also been entrusted to plan and deliver the proof-of-concept for the
startup’s new outcome-based business model. Axiata Digital Advertising venture has now evolved to ADA (Analytics. Data. Advertising).

Regional Head Of
Advertising Operations
September 2016 - June 2017
PropertyGuru Group
PropertyGuru Group

Being the head of advertising operations for the largest online property portal in Asia - PropertyGuru Group, Skye was managing a team of ads specialist to support the company’s sales team in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia markets. Besides the initiative of streamlining the SOP
for this regional department, Skye had also led the products data insight project with the goal to achieve optimal inventory yield results for the ads product.

Digital Ad Ops Lead |
Digital Marketing Specialist
January 2014 - August 2016 Sdn. Bhd. the online marketplace was the top local website in Malaysia. Owing to the company culture that nurture entrepreneurial mindset, Skye was able to seize the opportunities by constantly exploring new ad tech innovations and promote adoptions within the team for the benefits of maximizing ads revenue yield. On top of that, in the effort to improve conversions for online portal, she had also managed to shave off cost per conversion at substantial rate of -68%.

Senior Digital Project Executive
January 2012 - December 2013
FCB Global
FCB Global

FCB is one of the largest global advertising agency. Being in her early career years Skye was honoured to be part of the outstanding integrated team and brought her digital expertise to deliver 360 marketing campaigns for the top tier client in the company. The team effort has since been recognized by the Marketing Excellence Award in 2013 as Gold winner in 'Excellence in Integrated Marketing' category.

Digital Project Executive
February 2011 - December 2011
Branded3 Sdn. Bhd.
Branded3 Malaysia

Branded3 was an award-winning boutique digital agency (now rebranded to Kingdom Digital) that specialized in digital projects development, where Skye started immerse in the world of digital given the opportunity to work as project coordinator to manage end-to-end digital projects development.

Online Marketing Experience

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