Personalized Conversion Driven Online Advertising Consulting

Is your business ready to soar to unprecedented heights, driving rapid customer acquisition through the art of conversion-driven online advertising?

If you’ve already embarked on your digital marketing journey, congratulations! By tapping into the exponential potential of reaching your audience online, you’ve taken a crucial step towards success. However, if the lack of conversions from your current ads has left you feeling discouraged, fear not! This exclusive personalized consulting session is precisely what you need to unlock the true potential of your online marketing efforts.

During the session, I will delve deep into crafting a customized, result-centric ad campaign designed exclusively for your business. Together, we’ll leave ineffective ads behind and embrace a targeted strategy that generates tangible sales and leads. Get ready to soar above the competition and achieve your advertising goals like never before!

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180 minutes

USD 120

1-On-1 Personalized Consulting

What To Anticipate From This Personalized Consulting Session?

Demystify Online Advertising

I will unravel the complexities of online advertising, breaking down the jargon and providing you with a clear understanding of the different platforms, strategies, and techniques involved.

Identify Your Ads Targeting Criteria

To ensure your ads reach the right audience, we will work together to identify your precise targeting criteria. By honing in on your target demographic, we can create highly relevant and effective campaigns that generate quality leads.

Examine Your Ads Landing Page

As part of our comprehensive analysis, we will carefully examine your ads landing page to ensure it is optimized for maximum conversions. A well-designed landing page plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of visitors and compelling them to take desired actions.

Set Up a Google Ad Account with Conversion Tracking

Together, we will set up a Google Ad account with conversion tracking for your website. I'll guide you through the process, enabling you to measure and optimize your campaigns based on the actions that matter most to your business.

Set Up a Conversion-Driven Google Ad Campaign

Creating a conversion-driven Google Ad campaign is crucial for achieving your desired outcomes. I will walk you through the steps, from crafting compelling ad copy to optimizing keywords and bidding strategies, ensuring your campaign delivers tangible results.

Set Up a Facebook Ad Account with Conversion Tracking

I will walk you thru the process of setting up a Facebook Ad account with conversion tracking for your website, enabling you to measure and optimize your campaigns based on the actions that matter most to your business.

Set Up a Conversion-Driven Facebook Ad Campaign

Crafting a conversion-driven Facebook Ad campaign requires a deep understanding of the platform's targeting options and ad formats. I will guide you in creating captivating ads that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful actions.

Explore Conversion-Driven Campaigns Demo Reports

Explore demo reports showcasing the effectiveness of conversion-driven campaigns. Discover real-world examples, insightful metrics, and tangible results achieved through optimized ad campaigns.

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