The Rise Of The Growth Marketers: Understanding The Role And Skills Required

In my previous article I’ve elaborated how growth marketing has propelled startups to achieve rapid growth. While growth marketing has been gaining popularity since the mid-2010s, stemming from the “growth hacking” coined by Sean Ellis in the early 2010s, some ambiguity still surrounds the term. There are still uncertainties about what growth marketing entails, and the key attributes of a growth marketer. Thus, in this article I would like to further demystify the concept of growth marketing.

Is Digitalization The Silver Bullet

Is Digitalization The Silver Bullet For Business Growth?

We’re living in the age of Digital Darwinism, where the technology and society are evolving faster than consumer brands can naturally adapt. On a global scale, we have seen the rise of billion dollars valued tech unicorns across diverse industries namely accommodation, transportation, fashion, travel, insurance, finance and even food and groceries – the most basic commodity …