The Online Acquisition Framework

Living in the information age where consumers are constantly experiencing information overload – how do we find out what drives the acquisition along the customer journey? And how do we ensure we are investing the acquisition cost in the most objective manner?

How To Find Out If Your Business Is Scalable

The most fundamental method to evaluate your business profitability is to break down the cost and revenue for each sales unit. For businesses that are customer-centric, its sales unit would be per customer acquisition; for businesses that are transaction-centric, its sales unit would be per transaction acquisition. In the following contents I will elaborate how to measure…

brand success digital age

The Outlook For Brand Success In The Digital Age

While we have all the explicit cases that demonstrated brand equity is the relative determinant for retail market dominance, where the market consumption of consumer goods are all in favor of products that earned strong brand equity – what would be the equivalent determinant to dominate consumption in this digital age?

Is Digitalization The Silver Bullet

Is Digitalization The Silver Bullet For Business Growth?

We’re living in the age of Digital Darwinism, where the technology and society are evolving faster than consumer brands can naturally adapt. On a global scale, we have seen the rise of billion dollars valued tech unicorns across diverse industries namely accommodation, transportation, fashion, travel, insurance, finance and even food and groceries – the most basic commodity …